March 2, 2011, our first work day in South Korea

10 03 2011

March 2, 2011

Our first day of work.  This is going to be interesting!  Jeremy and I were told to be ready at 1pm, so we were.  At 2 someone came to get us, and we sat for maybe a half an hour in my director’s office while waiting for the director of Jeremy’s school to come and take us there to get direction.  Jeremy was shocked to be thrown right into teaching 4-5 classes today, and given an office. I was a bit surprised after finding out that I was only teaching one class.  So, I came back, sat in the director’s office some more, only to be 5 minutes late for my one class, because no one ever even told me where it was.  So after, I was told that since that was my one class, I could leave, as long as I am back by 2pm tomorrow.  That was my day.  The learning material is nothing like what I expected.  It is actually American supplemental curriculum for kids to go through as a refresher for summer lag.  It is three weeks of curriculum that is needed to be stretched for 3 months!!!! I literally taught 2 pages today, and since one of their vocabulary words was whisper, we played several rounds of telephone.  I tried to sing twinkle twinkle little star with them, but that kinda floated like a rock.  I was even doing motions and everything.  I guess the bright spot in the teaching (I was literally done with the curriculum 15-20 minutes in), was that one of their vocabulary words was SPECIAL, and when I asked for a definition of special, one of the girls said “Your hair”.  It made me smile.  I kinda wondered if any of the kids would mention my curly reddish brown hair today.  A few of the kids pulled out their phones and took pictures of me to show their families I guess…It was kinda funny. I wish I knew what they were thinking.  They were very polite for the most part, minus the girl who decided it would be a great idea to start her other homework, but I just wonder that beyond my special hair, all they can really see is a big fat American woman, attempting to teach from a bear curriculum.  We better get internet in our house SOON!!!!  I need to start doing research.  I wish this school were even remotely as congenial as Jeremy’s.  I was lucky to get anyone’s names, and although they were not rude, they were by no means very helpful!  Jeremy was handed the curriculum for all of his classes, and a weekly schedule of what he is expected to teach and when.  I asked for something like that at my school and all I got was as “today is the first day, we may have that information for you later”.  They hated the fact that I asked if maybe I could take the curriculum home to work on learning it!

Meanwhile, I have our one house key, and Jeremy is being forced to ride the bus home tonight.  He has only a few thousand won ( a few bucks), and no phone numbers to anyone…not that I could help him if I wanted to.  I hope if he gets to lost he at least finds a cab.  I am super worried he will not be able to find his way home.  I was just about to head to the internet café, but I have no idea what time he is going to be home, so I don’t know what time I have to be back by.  So instead, I think I am actually going to try and cook a meal here.  I have some chicken and peppers, as well as some rice, and sweet pepper sauce.  Not a huge meal, but considering we have spent almost $200 on necessities the past few days, we don’t have much food around here.   Maybe tomorrow morning we will actually get some food!  I think I am going to close my eyes for a bit before Jeremy gets home.  Then we can go to the internet café together if he is home in time.  Chat more with you later!





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