March 4, 2011

10 03 2011

I think yesterday I finally got a real glimpse of my life.  I went to work at two, had two classes later in the day (like 5 and 8), and came home when I was done.  I was stuck in my cell of a classroom, and left only to ask questions or use the bathroom.  I need to ask today if I can decorate the room at all, because I will go crazy spending 9 hours a day in one stark white room, with a projector screaming in my face.  I think I figured out that I am not teaching many classes because it is a new school, and there are not many students in each level to teach yet.  I am okay with that, but poor Jeremy has been thrown in with 25 hours of teaching a week, when I have 10.  I think our contracts say that we should have 30 hours each, but they cannot pay us less if we don’t teach that many.  I guess I am okay with that.  My work computer has internet, so maybe I don’t have to pay for it all the time anymore until we get it at home.

Nellena is coming tomorrow, provided she can find the way here.  I am so excited to see her!  We need help figuring out things like WHAT IN THE WORLD DO WE DO WITH OUR TRASH!!!???  We are starting to drown in trash in this apartment, and we don’t know what to do with it.  This is a bit crazy! Tonight Jeremy is going out to dinner with all the teachers from his school, and his director is going to pay for it.

I got stuck in a back room at my school, next to the conference room, with no other kids, or teachers around me.  I feel a bit isolated.  I did talk to the other teachers for a few minutes yesterday.  I am wishing I had better social skills so I can really interact with them.  I really want to make friends, and with knowing that some of the other teachers teaching for the first time, it seems appropriate that I should be able to make friends.  I am just feeling a bit like I can’t even remember how.  Today, I am teaching three classes, all later this evening, one at 5 one at 8 and one at 9.  I should have some time to prep for them all, when the time I have to be at work is 2.  I am feeling pretty useless, and am wondering why Jeremy’s school took him, and my school took me, and not the other way around.  It seems that they would throw the experienced teacher full force, and the one that is not could be eased into it a bit.  I am grateful, and not to sore that I really maybe 20 hours a week with prep time, and am making $2000 a month, but after hearing that his school usually likes female teachers, I am wondering why it happened the way that it did.  Whatever, I guess I should go and do my hair for work.

Oh, the funniest thing happened to me today.  I had just finished telling Jeremy that I didn’t feel like taking a shower, and I walked into the bathroom to wash my face.  I opened the bathroom door, and the showerhead started spewing water at me!  What The Heck???  I looked and the door hit the faucet, which comes out of the wall right at the end of the door.  It turned it on, and I got my dry, clothes I had intended on wearing for the day all wet!  I dried off, we had a great laugh, and it was so funny.  Never in America would your door turn on your shower, since we actually have enclosed showers…lol  It was super great, and we both needed a good laugh.





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