March 5, 2011

10 03 2011

March 5, 2011

I am super frustrated at the fact that we don’t know who to talk to about getting internet at our house.  I am frustrated that we have to walk a few blocks and go to pay to get online when we could be paying a monthly fee and be done with it.  Nellena is supposed to be coming today, and I don’t even know if she decided to come or not because I could not find good directions from the train station to my house.  I need to go pay to have internet again just to see if she decided to come or not.  I wore my new dress shoes yesterday, so my feet are hurting a little bit. Oh boy I don’t need another flair up!  I better stick to my tennis shoes for a bit again.

Another frustration is our trash. We don’t know what to do with it.  We have to buy special trash bags, but I could not find them at the store, and we have to recycle everything else.  I even saw something online about composting…but I don’t know if we do that here.  I need to look up the words trash, compost, and recycling on google I guess.  I was hoping Nellena could help us with that.  Today was trash day based on all the trash that was downstairs last night and we could not get anything out.  Man I have to figure out what the trash bags look like so I can throw stuff away!!!!!  Apparently recycling is HUGE and you have to do it.  We have been here almost a week and our little room is overrun!

My feet both decided to flair up!  My right foot got bad!  The entire front of the arch up into the ball of my foot and all the way over is swollen.  We are going to walk around tonight and see if we can find a church.





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