March 9, 2011

10 03 2011

March 9, 2011

Today was a good day!  It started with finding out that we are not the only Americans in our apartment building!  There is a guy named Kyle who lives one floor up.  Maybe we can hang out sometime?  Didn’t totally seem like who we might normally hang with, but we live in the same building, speak the same language, and are all teachers…that works for me!  Then we went to our new favorite hangout, Holly’s Coffee Shop, and chatted with Nellena and Peter for over an hour.  They are going to try to come when Peter is feeling better (we are all hoping this weekend).  Then I talked with my mom for a while, and then I chatted with Marie.  It is so nice to feel at least a little connected to home!  Mom got our background checks back today, and is mailing them tomorrow.  I am so relieved.  The longer it was taking the more worried I was getting!

My one class today went well.  This is one of my more energetic classes.  They all try to have English names, and one of them chose Shiny.  Not really a name, but she likes that it means twinkle.  Another girl chose Lawa.  I think she was going for Laura, but when Koreans say it, it sounds like Lawa, so that is what came out, and the teachers who agreed to the name didn’t know any better either.  I don’t know whether to correct that or not, after everything has that name on it.  They were all excited about games after the lesson.  We played a Clifford spelling game I found on, and I read  To Root To Toot To Parachute: What is a Verb with them.  Then we played an action verb game with them that Jeremy found and ended in hangman.  Every student engaged in the class, and all did a great job!  Today was the start of my new points system in the classroom, and my first class earned all 5 points today.  YAY.  At the end of my one class I asked if I am supposed to leave at a specific time, or if I can leave when I am done teaching.  Granted I went out with my jacket on, and my bag ready to go.  Maybe I should not have done that!  :-S  They said I can leave when my class is done, so I left.  It was early enough that I went to E-mart and started grocery shopping.

After work, I went to E-mart.  I broke about every rule known to the walking kind when I was grocery shopping!!!! I had my big bag, but it already had my computer, and a few other things from work in it.  I bought vegetables, a big bag of rice, soda pop, LOTS of veggies, some large things of fruit, pasta sauce in jars, hangers, an alarm clock, and a few other things.  Okay, I was sort of measuring size wise what I thought would fit…but didn’t really consider the weight.  I learned my lesson quickly!!!!  I made it home with everything but barely!!!  My bag was so full, I had to stop every ½ a block or so to readjust or switch shoulders, and with the other hand was carrying some frozen dumpling things, the soda, and a package of hangers.  I was starving by the time I got home, and very jittery and sore.  I really didn’t feel like contending with my kitchen to cook one of the meals I just spent W 100,000 on and I promised Jeremy pizza for dinner.  So I walked over to pizza hut once I had calmed down a little.  I ordered the same pizza we had before, stuffed crust, ½ bulgogi, ½ pepperoni.  There was a misunderstanding in the crust order though.  They gave me cheesy, sweet potato crust instead.  Instead of crust, this pizza has cheese rolled up in crust, in little bite sized chunks that you pull off and eat.  Only the rolls have sweet potato puree in them also.  I was really not expecting that, and it is kinda icky.  I didn’t mention anything about them making the wrong curst because I didn’t know about the sweet potato until I got home.  Then they were closed and I was to sleepy to care.  I added some pineapple to the pepperoni side and made my favorite kind of pizza, since I got pineapple at the store also.  They did not seem to understand when I wanted to add pineapple to the pizza at pizza hut, so I just did it myself.  Okay, that has been my entire day.   I ate my 2 slices of pizza (full after that many slices!), and am so ready for bed.  I am curled up, waiting for Jeremy to get home.  I can’t wait until tomorrow; I actually have a few classes!!!






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10 03 2011

What a wonderful blog!! I started mine when I went to Thailand and loved it so much, I had to keep it up! Let me know if you need any help with anything…wordpress gets a little tricky sometimes. I had to help both my sister-in-laws set up theirs.

As far as posting pictures, go to new blog post, after the header, it says ‘Upload/Insert’ and the first icon is ‘add an image’. Let me know if you need anything else, I’m happy to help…I’m a complete blog addict! 🙂

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