Fantastic Weekend!

14 03 2011

This weekend was awesome!  Nellena and Peter came over from Sokcho for a visit.  When they got here on Saturday evening, we were all hungry, so we found a Korean Barbecue restaurant near our house after walking around and getting to know our neighborhood a little bit more.  The foot was super yummy, and the company in ENGLISH was great!  Sunday was refreshing, quite an experience, and a bit painful all at once!

On Sunday morning, we woke up, got ready for the day (four people, one bathroom, one bedroom, and that’s it).  Then we had church.  We worshiped to Chris Tomlin, and read through Judges about Samson.  Then we ate breakfast, and headed out on the train for Seoul.  We found a teacher who spoke pretty well in English, and he helped us plan our rout and stayed with us as long as he could.  Then we went to the international district in Seoul to check it out and do a little shopping!  Both Jeremy and I got backpacks, which is something we really needed.  I have been taking my HUGE beach back to and from work every day, and it is just very large and bulky.  Surprise, I got a purple one, and I think it is turning into my new purse for a while. It is not huge, but will hold most of what I need it to for a day at work. I think I got a great deal on it too!  It is the same brand as our luggage, and He went down from 40,000won to 25,000, which is about $25 bucks. For a brand made by Samsonite, I was willing to pay $25.   I also got a pair of Crocs at the crock store so I have a pair of house shoes.  My feel flared up really really bad while we were out today, so I could not walk as much or as far as I might have wanted.

While trying to find a mexican restaurant (that we saw on a map) we found an international store.  It was a little bigger than a convenience store, but not really a grocery store.  in that store, we were able to find tortillas, salsa, and the white gold of Oregon…PEPPER JACK TILLAMOOK CHEESE!!!!  A while ago, I facebook chatted with Tillamook and they said that they don’t ship to Korea, so we assumed we would be without the entire time we were here.  Well, we also found Kirkland brand cheese, which is actually what we saw first.  I looked a little, grabbed pepper jack, and decided we could atleast make Mexican food for dinner, if we could not find it.  I had chicken and veggies at home that needed to be eaten anyway.

Of course, as soon as we got down the hill, back to the street we were on, we found a restaurant called Los Amigos.  We decided to go to lunch there and still make burritos for dinner.  Nellena and Peter have not been able to find tortillas since they have been in Korea so this was a real treat!  Jeremy and I shared a nacho at the restaurant, and Nellena and Peter shared a burrito.  they were very good.  After lunch we came home.  It was getting dark, and my feet were really acting up.  They were super swollen and really not doing well.  Nellena and I got off the train, and went straight to the apartment. I sat down on the bed, and took pain meds and iced my swollen feet (also used my massage ball).  The ice helped a little, and by the time we went to sleep, the swelling was going down.  We sent the guys to the store to buy a few more things we needed for dinner (like spice for the tacos cause I just moved in and don’t have any spices yet).  They also got some drinks, and some plane yogurt for sour cream.  The burritos were heavenly.  I felt really bad though, that Nel and Peter cooked at my house, while all I could do was sit down on my bed and chat with them.  Then we watched music and lyrics and went to bed.  They woke up really early this morning and went home.  Short weekends are hard for traveling when you work so late on Friday. You wind going home on Monday, and they made it with less than an hour to spare before they had to be at their school.  That is a bit of a close call!  It was just so nice to see them though!  Now back to a work week where I only work 10 hours, but sit here for 8-10 hours a day…Thus the writing the blog, and hanging out on facebook.  My one and only class today is at 8:45 pm.  It is currently 4:30.  😦

Anyway, I am going to try again to figure out pictures and get going.  I think I have a little work I could be doing.  🙂  Talk to you soon!




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